EVERLUXE Waxing Kit for Women Men


  • 💙Better Application with EVERLUXE Elastic Wax: Contains a Cicasepticalm Complex, active ingredients are known for dermo-protection, anti-Irritation, purifying, and soothing properties. Also, Our hard wax is 100% elastic and the most flexible without the wax cracking when peeling it off, giving it a great advantage over other waxes on the market!
  • 💙Strong Wax Beads for Hair Removal Kit: The waxing kit for women and men contains 2 scented types of hard wax- wild bluebell and cream wax that excellent for bikini wax, first time Brazilian wax, underarms, facial waxing, arms, and legs. Wild bluebell wax beans for the entire body, Cream wax for thick coarse hair.
  • 💙Rapid Heating Wax Warmer Kit- Our wax machine adopts 2 PTC Thermistor, engineered for melting wax, hard wax, wax beans, wax bricks quickly and evenly, greatly accelerating the melting time of wax beans, from cold start it takes only a few minutes to get your wax ready for hair removal.
  • 💙EVERLUXE Hair Removal Wax Kit: Our waxing kit includes wax warmer,4 bags of wax beads(3.5 oz. each),Pre-Wax Oil and Post Wax Oil (3.38 oz.each), 10 large and 10 medium, and 10 brow applicators, you have everything needed for waxing at home. Waxing at A Fraction of the cost with your own wax machine.
  • 💙ONE YEARS WARRANTY- We offer ONE YEAR WARRANTY on the EVERLUXE LCD digital hair removal kit. For whatever problem about our wax warmer hair removal waxing kit, feel free to contact us, we’ll respond within 12 hours.


✔ Premium-Quality Product: Our low-temperature waxes have been specially formulated for sensitive skins, suitable for all skin types. Easy to use and convenient for speed waxing.
✔EASY TO APPLY: Our waxes are applied thin and even. Up to 2 to 3 times less product is used compared with other brand’s wax ✔Save Hundreds: You have to pay at least 45-100 dollars for a full leg, why not buy our all-in-one waxing kit, to do the lovely task yourself in the comfort of your own home?
✔ Up to 90-99% Hair Removal Effectiveness: Our unique formula delivers flawless results. Allows applying a thin layer of wax, removing effectively fine and coarse hair.
✔ Portable & Exquixe Wax Warmer: Our wax machine is different advanced technology as other market warmers. Its rapid heat coils and 2 PTC work to radiate your exact amount of heat evenly for the quickest way to melt all body wax.

EVERLUXE Waxing Kit Set Includes
1. The durable wax heater features an aluminum wax pot and ABS heat-assisted material
2. Rose hard wax target all over the body, especially target facial hair, thin hair, for delicate areas, like bikini, Brazilan
3. 30 Pieces Spatulas, large spatulas for body area waxing, small spatulas for facial waxing, eyebrow spatulas for eyebrow, upper chin waxing
4. Helpful & detailed user instruction for your at-home waxing

What You Need to Know Before Your Wax
1. Hairs should be about 1/4 inches long.
It’s recommended to trim it to about a quarter of an inch. If you’re unsure of how long that is, just leave it alone. Stop shaving at least five days prior to waxing.
2. The time of the month matters.
Don’t schedule a wax within three days prior to your period, your skin tends to be extra sensitive during that time.3. Take a shower that day.
Taking a warm shower (or bath!) right beforehand opens up your pores, making the actual process less painful.


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